What’s That, Energy Healing?


What’s That, Energy Healing?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just forgo surgery, herbs, or months of any form of treatment by just shifting your energy about your condition?

Well, here is a journey into the strange world of energy medicine, and I will attempt not to get too far into speculation. I’m going to name a few of the different types of energy medicine I have heard of or experienced and share why I think it is effective.

There is no doubt that medical researchers have played with this, giving people a sugar pill or placebo for a life-threatening condition, and calling it a cure. The body received the message that it should heal now that it had the “right medicine,” and it did.

See the book Your Body Believes Every Word You Say for more info.

Hal Elrod and Dr. Axe spoke of what is called “spontaneous healing,” and what others call miracles, happening when people dropped their fears, forgave people, or just accepted wellness as their reality.


I have a mentor named David Essel that has a story about prayer for healing. He had debilitating back pain and decided to take the path of faith and energy medicine. He went to one of those places where Catholic monks pray like 12 hours a day, and he went to the open services to ask the Heavenly Father for healing. I forgot how long her was there, but he left with the healing he asked for.

I have a friend named Amanda who was born with a spinal disorder I cannot remember the name of because it was such a strange word. But, basically, one of her bones kept growing instead of stopping. She was a cheery person, but it was ruining her life. Her only option seemed like a surgery she couldn’t afford. So, when she told me the situation, I was just looking for a friend to trek to South America with, so I said, “So, you either need surgery or a miracle. I’ll pray for a miracle.” It would be about two months later that she would report being healed after some prayer at a church meeting.

I have mixed feelings about church meetings, but I do go to church meetings to gather for prayer. Matthew 21:13 “… ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer…” If you look up scientific studies about people who receive prayer while sick vs. those who do not receive prayer, even those who did not know they were being prayed for recovered quicker. Strange stuff. my friend Nitza Moshe (of Remnant Remedy) is at the forefront of researching prayer as energy medicine.

There is a general consensus among holistic health practitioners that unforgiveness is toxic. I suppose not forgiving someone adds stress, and some researchers blame stress for practically all illnesses. We may think that we have no one that we need to forgive, but if there is pain when you think of someone, then there’s a good chance that there is still unforgiveness there. We also forget to forgive ourselves, and some people blame their Maker for things that don’t go like they planned. Clearing those areas of unforgiveness can cause “spontaneous healing.”

David Essell teaches his clients the angry letter technique. But, he does not let them stop at one angry letter. He has them write an angry letter, every day until “the poison” of unforgiveness is out. And, the whole idea is you get the thoughts and pain out and destroy the letters.


Ok, so here are four people I know of who have made this their business, and I’m sure there’s more that I have not heard of. Two of them used harp music tune to specific frequencies. One guy has the business called Wholetones. And, then there’s this chiropractor guy who creates chambers that beam your body with healing vibrations. The last two are direct links to websites for you to check out their work. The harp music is plentiful on YouTube.


The idea of using crystals to attract love and all that hoodoo scares me a bit, but I do understand that everything on the planet has an energy signature or frequency that it vibrates at. Crystals are glorious in that way, and that is why they are pretty (after you polish or cut them). So, I know that crystals can be used to impart different vibes or emotions to help promote certain behaviors over other behaviors.

Qi — Orgone — Scalar Energy

On the The Truth About Cancer website you will find a Qi machine for sale. On another site, you will see it labeled orgone, and on yet another site you will find scalar energy machines for sale (thank you Ken Rohla). But, it all purports to do the same thing as the the earthing or grounding mats. It brings your body back into the natural rhythms and energy signature of the earth, which promotes health and well-being. (That is EMF protection.)


The body has a field of energy around it that people like to call an aura. The aura is created by electrical impulses that your body gives off. It is very real. And, when your aura is weak, your “life force” weakened or compromised by other electrical impulses from electronics or otherwise, it is easier for you to get sick. So, reiki practitioners are pulling earth energy and channeling it into their patients, and those that do chakra clearing are correcting blocked energy in the body so a person can energetically flow like they’re supposed to.


So, I was reading that acupuncture and acupressure were not really energy medicines because there is science behind the location of reflex points and tons of research proving its efficacy. But, the fact still remains that both are dealing with the energy meridians (pathways) in your body and manipulating reflex points to create an effect from that energy.


So, I have little experience with most of these. My family has used prayer mostly and seeking for herbs that can help prayerfully. There is a cool video about this Japanese guy, Dr. Emoto’s message in the water. It is helpful to remember the “word became flesh” we become our thoughts, so put good things in whatever type of energy medicine you choose to support your healing.



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