The 12 Cell Salts — Another Cure-all?

Lis Carpenter

Lis Carpenter


The 12 Cell Salts — Another Cure-all?

“The inorganic substance in the blood and tissues are sufficient to heal all diseases which are curable at all.” -Dr. Schuessler

I have not done extensive reading on this holistic treatment or experienced it unlike the case of using bitter apricot kernels to recover from cancer. However, I will do my best to present the information in a well-ordered fashion so that you can look into it for yourself if what you see rings true.

12 Body Systems

  1. The Respiratory System
  2. The Reproductive System
  3. The Lymphatic System
  4. The Dermal System
  5. The Immune System
  6. The Excretory System
  7. The Endocrine System
  8. The Digestive System
  9. The Cardiovascular System
  10. The Nervous System
  11. The Muscular System
  12. The Skeletal System

There are twelve body systems. There are also twelve cranial nerves. One teacher referred to the body as a pillar of salt — the 12 salts that are the building blocks of the body.

There is a method of identifying likely deficiencies according to birth months or the Zodiac (which I do not understand, but you can get more info on here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsswcMX7nqk).

Here is a brief on the work of Dr. Schuessler, a German doctor of the 19th century.

Calcarea Phosphorica (Calcium Phosphate) — Component of the bones, glands, nerves, blood, gastric juices, and connective tissues. Used for bone diseases rheumatism and rickets.

Ferrum Phosphoricum (Iron Phosphate) — Component of the blood, veins, arteries, lungs, ears and nose. Used to treat inflammation, infections, anemia. hemorrhaging, and acute illness.

Kali Phosphoricum (Potassium Phosphate) — Component of the brain, nerve cells, spinal cord, and blood system. Used for depression, apathy, stress, irritability, poor memory, and irrational fears.

Naturum Phosphoricum (Sodium Phosphate) — A biochemical acid balancer. Used to treat all conditions of acidosis, heartburn, dyspepsia, digestive upsets, intestinal worms, and other parasites.

Magnisium Phosphorica (Magnesium Phosphate) — Component of the nerves, muscles, and heart. Used to remedy shooting pains, cramps, spasms, neuralgia, angina, colic, convulsions, and general pains.

Kali Muriaticum (Potassium Chloride) — Component of the muscles, nerve cells, blood, mucous membranes, and brain cells. Used to treat ear and throat ailments and tonsillitis.

Natrum Muriaticum (Sodium Chloride) — Component of water and every fluid and solid in the body. Used for those too dry or with too much moisture, head aches, chronic diarrhea, hay fever, watery eyes, dry eyes, and flaky skin.

Calc Sulphuricum (Calcium Sulphate) — Component of tissues of the skin, blood, and mucous membranes. Used to treat abscesses, boils, styes, skin ulcers, and infections.

Natrum Sulphuricum (Sodium Sulphate) — Component of inter-cellular fluids, liver, pancreas, bile, intestines, and descending colon. Used for watery secretions, light sensitivity, gas, digestive issues, migraines, and asthma.

Kali Sulphuricum (Potassium Sulphate) — Component of tissues of the skin, mucous membranes, throat, and lungs. Used as a remedy for bronchial sinus issues, oily skin, athletes foot, moving pains, excess sweat, and late stages of all inflammations.

Calcarea Fluorica (Calcium Fluoride) — Component of bones, teeth, skin, connective tissues, and the elastic fibers of veins and glands. Used for loose teeth, hemorrhoids, skin diseases, chapped skin, hardened glands, poor circulation, and ailments of the tendons and ligaments.

Silicae (Silica) — A component of the body to get rid of nonfunctional matter. Used to help cleanse and eliminate built up waste, slow healing wounds, and all septic conditions of the body.

Using cell salts is a natural remedy and alternative treatment to pharmaceutical drugs that poison the body and do not supply vital nutrients for the body to rebuild itself. Treatments with cell salts began in the 1700s and allowed for patients to use what they were deficient in with no side effects.

If you look closely, you can see that we call these “cell salts” minerals. Ferrum phosphate is iron.

It has also been my observation that people travel from all over the world to go to the Dead Sea for it’s healing (and stinky sulfuric waters). They travel from Europe to come the Warm Mineral Springs park (aka Ponce de León’s famed fountain of Youth) near where I live. The waters there also stink of sulfur. These waters are famed for their magical and mysterious healing properties because they restore the mineral/vitamin balance that has been “cleaned” from our city water.

Have you noticed people buying MSM (sulfur) supplements as a cure all? It’s an expensive price to pay for a substance that you can get relatively cheaply if you are willing to deal with the lovely odor of well water or buy sulfur rich salts for your bath. That’s what I started doing. Some “extra super organically pure” sulfur supplements can cost you $80 for a small supply.

Be Well My friends. I would love to hear your thoughts on this article in the comments section below.


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Here’s a remedy chart from Hylands for the cell salts:

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