My Journey with Electrosensitivity


My Journey with Electrosensitivity

Can you imagine there are groups of people who move to the desert and live in specially designed homes to avoid electromagnetic radiation because it’s painful? Can you imagine being required to leave your phone outside someone’s home because they are highly sensitized.

One scientist said it is highly probable that the electrosensitive person is the canary in the coal mine for the rest of society. Electrosensitivty just seemed like a curse that affected some people and not others until I learned that most people who suffer from electrosensitivity are also chemical sensitive. The high number of allergies points to a compromised immune system from toxic overload.

How to Get Sick and Get Worse — the Cost of Ignorance

I had had ignorantly taken the chemotherapy drug Accutane for cystic acne somewhere between 2005 and 2008. And, I was forced to take birth control while on it. This damaged my internal organs, especially my intestines. I had never been good about drinking enough water either. I’m just letting you know how my system became overly toxic.

On top of that, I would be introduced to the wonderful world of essential oils around 2010–2011 when I started having severe reactions to toothpaste. Before that point, I would only get skin eruptions from hair relaxers which everyone can agree are highly toxic. Now, toothpaste was making my lips swell up, crack and bleed.

My swollen lips after applying aloe for a few days.

I want you to see that the chemical sensitivity developed before the electrosensitivity. Because I could no longer use toothpaste without painful and embarrassing side effects, I looked into making my own toothpaste. I chose to use tea tree essential oil, baking soda, and salt. It worked well for cleaning my teeth, but there was just one problem, I have mercury amalgam fillings in my mouth. And, essential oils can be caustic eroding teeth and metal.

After suffering from electrosensitivity pain that developed in 2013, only in 2018 did I learn the cause of it was heavy metal poisoning.

So this is for my chemically sensitive, allergic-to-everything, and electrosensitive friends. Detox or die. That’s my new motto. To help everyone understand the seriousness of just how toxic our environment has become. Combine high toxicity with our nutrient deficient foods, and you have the perfect conditions for disease.

I promise you this post has a happy ending. I started detoxing with essiac tea, which is a gentle detox for the whole body, and I am now able to live somewhat normally. I was driving my family crazy before by screaming at anyone who had their data on in the house. I flipped out when a cell phone tower was build on the school grounds down the street from our house. I literally would leave the room if someone had a huge iPhone on streaming something.

Apple products are the worst offenders for the amount of electromagnetic radiation put off. I learned this from lessemf.com info. If I have done my job you are now aware that mico-radiation from cell phones and other electronics cause cancer. And, if you are using your cell phone up against your head, you’re asking for brain cancer.


Some countries did not permit wifi in elementary schools because they knew of the dangers [1]. What are we doing here in the United States?

Did you know that California residents fought to have this label put on cell phones?

If you’re not hyperventilating yet, here is some more information on the issue of electromagnetic radiation.

Olle Johansson on 5G

This is the original guy I heard about the dangers of radiation from electronics from. He is a Swedish scientist that was looking into why the fertility rates were declining in Europe. Well when you combine the use of plastics with electromagnetic radiation, is there any wonder?

Further reading from a more “reliable” resource:

You have the information now about electrosensitivity and how it relates to your health. Take the steps you need to protect yourself and your family.

Until next time, Be Well,


[1] https://www.theepochtimes.com/wi-fi-in-schools-experimenting-with-the-next-generation_2808921.html

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