Mercury Amalgam Fillings Cause Cancer


Mercury Amalgam Fillings Cause Cancer

Because I can write, I feel I have a responsibility to get the truth out about a diseased state that is projected to affect 50% of the US population. This article is to inform you about some side effects of poisoning from mercury amalgam fillings and what you can do about it.

I’m not sure how I came across a patient guide for Dr. Maljalca, a doctor who went to Mexico to practice alternative medicine because he was harassed and jailed by those behind the big three treatments for cancer in the US.

Here are a few of his findings from his patient guide:

  • In his 60 years of treating cancer patients, every single one that was terminal had high levels of mercury in their bodies.
  • Since 1920 the government has known that mercury amalgam fillings are highly toxic to the body as mercury, like lead, is one of the most toxic elements.
  • At the time of the publication (pre-2010), over 12,000 research articles existed on the toxicity of mercury.
  • 51% of the dental amalgam is mercury which you ingest through respiration (~17,000 times a day) and chewing gum.
  • Mercury paralyzes lymphocytes those are key cells in your immune system that fight cancer.
  • Mercury poisoning is linked to cancer, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue.
  • Mercury poisoning can even cause blindness.
  • High doses of Vitamin C can be used to flush the mercury out (that is precisely what Dr. Maljalca used to help restore sight to a woman who had gone blind from mercury poisoning).

After reading that point about blindness, I completely understand why I was in thick frames by the second grade because I had four mercury fillings put in my mouth in Kindergarten.


  1. Find a biological dentist (holistic dentist) to get your fillings removed safely: https://iabdm.org/education/resources-for-consumers/choosing-a-biological-dentist-faq/ (International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine website)
  2. Start a simple practice of squeezing lemon into your water to raise your pH and get that Vitamin C working for you.
  3. Connect with Ian Jacklin of icurecancer through his website: http://www.icurecancer.com

Introducing the Late Dr. Bernardo Maljalca

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